Quality Control 

ISO 9001 - 2015

All Tool Manufacturing Operating Philosophy

All Tool Manufacturing is committed to a Quality Management System that makes quality a basic business principle. The strategy is based on customer satisfaction achieved by meeting or exceeding our internal and external customers’ requirements.

Meeting or exceeding our customers’ requirements and expectations is the responsibility of all employees at All Tool Manufacturing Inc.

Quality assurance systems, procedures and practices are developed, reviewed and changed with participation of employees in a continuous improvement effort.

All Tool Manufacturing’s goals are to meet world class standards for the mutual benefit of our customers, our employees and our suppliers.

All Tool Manufacturing is committed to complying with its customer’s requirements and those stated in quality standards ISO 9001:2015 and CAN3-Z299.3 (as required) and CSA-N299.3 (as required), while striving to continually improve the effectiveness of its quality
management system.

The quality management system of All Tool Manufacturing Inc. is designed to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 covering the design/development/manufacture of special purpose machinery, and the custom manufacture/fabrication of precision machined components, to CAN3-Z299.3 (as required) and CSA-N299.3 (as required), at its facilities housed at 143 Brockley Drive, Hamilton, Ontario.

Management Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of All Tool Manufacturing’s management, to fully support and provide the necessary resources for implementation and continual maintenance of the Quality Management System.

Management at all levels will participate in quality assurance activities as incorporated into daily functional requirements.

All Tool Manufacturing is committed to a Quality Management System that makes quality a basic business principle. All Tool Manufacturing’s quality objective is to satisfy our customers stated requirements. We will achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring the effectiveness of our quality management system through continued compliance and third party assessment as well as striving to ensure a fail or rework rate that will not exceed 1% of total sales for product and/or service shipped.

No product and/or service will be shipped to the customer until its quality and conformance to customer specifications can be assured.

Management will assess the effectiveness of the Quality Management System on a regular basis and direct internal efforts towards continual improvement.

All Tool Manufacturing’s management is committed to the Quality Management System outlined in this manual and supporting documented information, and shall insure that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation by promoting 3-way communication techniques, and having an established “if in doubt, ask” environment between management and associates to contribute to excellence in worker performance and a safe working environment and culture.